Eastern Kentucky is home to numerous hiking locations, but one remains a local favorite. The Pinnacles in Berea offer several trails for all levels of climbing expertise. From winding paths to massive rocks beckoning to be scaled, The Pinnacles has something to offer all of its visitors.

East Pinnacle


The trek up East Pinnacle is .89 miles in length, and is located on the eastern side of the property. The view overlooks Big Hill and US-421. There are several rocks along the path, but required climbing and fancy footwork is kept to a minimum.

West Pinnacle


Though only .79 miles in length, West Pinnacle is perhaps one of the most difficult trails to pursue. With steep rock formations to overcome and minimal flat land for resting, the climb is somewhat intense. However, the view from atop the rock is well worth it.

Eagle’s Nest


Just past Devil’s Kitchen on the northern end of the property, reaching the Eagle’s Nest provides hikers with a long and winding climb. A total of 1.82 miles from the parking lot, this trail includes large gaps between boulders, requiring a leap from one rock to the next. The view overlooks the hills of Red Lick and beyond.

Indian Fort Lookout

IMG_2876 2.jpg

Approximately 1.2 miles northwest of the parking lot, Indian Fort Lookout provides trail goers with a short, brisk hike. The trail includes steep rocks to climb over, as well as large tree roots to step over. The view overlooks the city of Berea, as well as parts of Richmond.